Through her work, the artist expresses her love of beauty, music, movement and color. "To create," she says, “is simply to organize existing elements into a new order, thus obtaining new meaning."

Originally from Switzerland, Aïcha spent many years involved mostly in music and the raising of her children. As time became more available, she later decided to also pursue a life-long interest in fine arts and design. In her search for a more immediate, lasting, and tangible expression, she began composing art using color as a medium of direct emotional response in each individual.

For her collage compositions, she uses either an object or a frame as a starting point and plays with their different elements to release a transformation. She insists that the magic is beyond words and is adeptly expressed in her pictures. Her pallet consists primarily of pieces of fabric folded and assembled together to create movement and texture as well as color.

Aïcha Jacob works in Denver, Colorado.